In Wake Of Recreational Sales Kickoff, AZ Cannabis Industry Faces Off Over Testing

Uncertainty has plagued the testing aspect

As patients and adult-use customers jockey for position in the long lines outside cannabis dispensaries throughout the state, dispensary owners and testing labs are struggling to adjust to the new realities of a market that saw a massive increase in its customer base overnight.

The early, surprise rollout of adult-use recreational marijuana sales has resonated throughout the industry, resulting in massive crowds and threats of product shortages and higher prices as a potentially $1 billion industry seeks to find equilibrium.

Uncertainty has plagued the testing aspect, as the new reality of the marketplace has led to a wild-west interpretation of rules set in place last year, threatening the viability of labs that have invested millions of dollars in their facilities.

Finding a balance between adequate testing and sufficient supplies has industry advocates facing off over testing, with the Arizona Dispensary Association advocating for tighter testing turnaround times and the Arizona Cannabis Lab Association pushing the Arizona Department of Health Services to enforce existing laws.

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