Insider’s Guide To Chicago’s Hottest Cannabis Products

Illinois sold more than $1 billion in products in just it’s first legal year

The Illinois adult-use cannabis market has been booming since it opened in early 2020, selling more than $1 billion in products in its first year. That growth is expected to continue this year, with more stores coming online every month.

What’s driving that expansion? Legal, reliable, and tested products consumers can’t find anywhere else.

In Chicago, the city’s cannabis culture—a heavily flower-based scene—is driving the product selection in the stores. But so is the coronavirus pandemic.

“Before the pandemic, ailments like stress, anxiety, and depression, brought people to the dispensary, and the pandemic amplified those problems, so people are seeking more relief,” says Margie Levy, patient care specialist at Rise Mundelein, owned by Green Thumb Industries.

The pandemic has also pushed people to explore new ways to improve their self-care routines with products designed to help with sleep, anxiety, or intimacy.

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