MRR’s 4/20 Guide To Top Trending Accessories

We take a look at the top products leading up to the big holiday

Tomorrow is April 20th. The annual holiday where once a year cannabis consumers world-wide gather to embrace their love of the plant. The holiday has grown and evolved greatly since The Waldos first gathered in the Fall of 1971, but the general spirit has remained the same. One thing that has changed however, is the methods of consumption. Since becoming more mainstream, cannabis has enjoyed massive growth in the different types of products available and with it, the types of accessories needed.

Today we take a look at some of the top products trending this 420 holiday.


Best Portable Flower Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel – Mighty

Mighty by Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel has been a staple in the industry for a long time and their world famous Volcano vaporizer (a winner on our list btw) is known for it’s giant bags and smiling faces. The Volcano’s hand held little brother, the Mighty, is a worthy follow-up and our pick for the best portable vaporizer available this 4/20. It’s dual convection / conduction technology allows for serious pulls every hit, even the very first draw, and while there are some smaller options on the market that do work well, they don’t quite match in my personal opinion the pull power of the Mighty.

To Learn More About The Mighty By Storz & Bickel, Click Here

Best Desktop Flower Vaporizer

Volcano Classic by Storz & Bickel

Storz and Bickel is one of the few companies in the cannabis industry that has a product that is pretty much interchangeable with desktop vaping. The Volcano has literally dominated the industry since hitting the scene in 2000 and has become the stuff of legends. The company has even had it’s chronology detailed in a Leafly expose (no, seriously check it out). Because of the Volcano’s popularity, this limited edition Gold 20th Anniversary package is the gold star of that companies crowning achievement 20 years ago. Keep in mind this is the classic version with a dial as opposed to the digital edition with a digital temp gauge.

To Learn More About The Volcano Classic By Storz & Bickel, Click Here

Best Papers With Filter Tips Included
Kings w’ Filter Tips by Futurola

Futurola is one of those companies that has built its reputation on delivering quality, and personally, these papers with the filter-tips are my absolute favorite to use. The filters are the perfect thickness for being malleable to whatever size joint you’d like to roll.

Slow burning with no added flavors, these are an incredible option for your shelves.

To Learn More About Kings w’ Filter Tips by Futurola, Click Here

Best Papers With Out Filter Tips Included

Organic Kings by RAW

RAW papers is a legendary paper company and their Organic Kings are in my opinion the pinnacle of their paper offerings. Dubbed as the worlds first organic rolling paper, the Raw Natural Organic Hemp Kings are unbleached and unmatched when it comes to flavor. Their founder, Josh Kesselman, is also one of the coolest figures in counter-culture with an impressive digital presence that is rare for founders of counter-culture companies that aren’t owned by celebrities.

Make sure to check out this classic paper if its not already on your stock list.

To Learn More About Organic Kings by RAW, Click Here

Best Grinder

Special Edition Tectonic9 by Saucey x Cloudious9

As we said back in our holiday guide, the Tectonic9 by Cloudious9 is one of the most innovative grinders i’ve come across when it comes to solving the problem of how to most efficiently fill cones. Featuring the signature red that pops with an accent white Saucey logo on the top, the Tectonic9 makes the process easy. Simply grind your flowers, slide out the dispensing gate, flip up the spout, tilt it, line it up with your cone with the spout and turn it on. Within no time at all your cone is completely filled without having to ever touch your product with your bare hands.

Especially with that signature Saucey Red color, this limited edition Tectonic9 by Cloudious9 is definitely a must have for the summer.

To Learn More About Special Edition Tectonic9 by Saucey x Cloudious9, Click Here


Best Desktop Dab Rig

Legend by Loto Labs

Just when you thought that you had seen everything in the concentrates space, someone comes along to re-invent the way you think of dabbing. The Legend by Loto Labs is a magnetic induction (yes you heard that right) dab rig that looks just as good on a shelf as it does on your desk while your hitting it.

I would definitely give this product a look. It frequently goes out of stock so make sure to check back if they aren’t offering any currently.

To Learn More About The Legend By Loto Labs, Click Here

Best Portable Dab Rig

Peak Pro by Puffco

The team at Puffco have put out consistently solid product offerings for some time, and since coming on the scene in November of 2020, the Peak Pro has continued that fine tradition by impressing with it’s sleek design and incredible hit capability. Upgraded from the original Peak, the Peak Pro has had it’s internal workings completely redesigned to guarantee a consistent hit. Optionally, you can acquire a wireless charging dock to give it a boost on the go for those long sessions. Alongside the inner workings was an upgraded case design which was a welcome change, and while the added RBG and smartphone capabilities are great, the core functionality of the product is what truly shines in the end.

To Learn More About The Peak Pro By Puffco, Click Here

Best E-nail
Quartz Hybrid DeepDish Kit by MiniNail

MiniNail is one of the most prominent names in the dab rig game and for good reason, their product is powerful and comes in a tiny package.

Their Quartz Hybrid DeepDish kit is a solid go-to for anyone looking for a complete starter kit when switching to an eNail setup. Featuring a digital temp gauge to really set your flavor to high profile, this is the best enail in my opinion to get your customers started.

To Learn More About Quartz Hybrid DeepDish Complete eNail Kit By MiniNail, Click Here


Best Portable Dual Use

Hydrology 9 NX by Cloudious

When you first look at the Hydrology 9 NX by Cloudious, you might think you are looking at a lightsaber. To be fair, you honestly wouldn’t be far off with this futuristic tech. The Hydrology 9 NX was built from the ground up to be a modular solution with 3 main factors in mind. It had to be sleek, it had to be innovative, and it had to hit with a punch. They nailed all three.

From the retractable and interchangeable chamber door, to the magnetic charging port, nothing on this device has been done anywhere else on the market.

To Learn More About The Hydrology 9 NX By Cloudious, Click Here

Best Desktop Dual Use

Switch by Dr. Dabber

While technically a portable, due to its size and weight I classify the Switch by Dr. Dabber as a desktop vaporizer. This definitely isn’t the walk around while taking dabs / hits from this type of dual use rig / vaporizer, and i’m not sure it was ever meant to be. Honestly, this is a sit down and hang out with your friends type of device meant to cater to everyone in your session. From the flower consumers to the heavy hitting dab fans, the Switch by Dr. Dabber is sure to impress even the most discerning customer.

To Learn More About Switch By Dr. Dabber, Click Here


Best All-In-One Device
FX by Ardent

When you think “This thing does everything” it’s usually used as a catch-all and not as a matter of fact. But in this instance? The FX by Ardent literally does do everything. I gave it By giving you the ability to make any product at home via the devices ability to decarb, infuse, bake, and melt… all within an enclosed device that comes with it’s own beautiful carrying case.

One of the biggest problems with people making their own products is the mess and lack of ability to both decarb and then infuse cannabis into food properly. The Ardent FX is a quality device from the top down, and it is virtually fool-proof if you follow the instructions provided. Dubbed on it’s website as the ‘Easy Bake Ardent’, it literally makes you feel like a world class canna-expert. It’s also perfect for those looking for discretion, as most home based canna-infuse enthusiasts can tell you, cooking with cannabis has a strong odor. That worry has been eliminated with the FX by Ardent. Last but not least? The Ardent FX is awesome as a standalone baking device without adding cannabis at all!

To Learn More About FX by Ardent, Click Here

Best Consumer Grade Press

RosinBomb Rocket by RosinBomb

The RosinBomb Rocket is the consumer edition rosin press by the awesome team over at RosinBomb. Delivering a crushing 1500 lbs of force without any air compression, the RosinBomb rocket was built as a true plug and play solution to the consumer looking to press their own concentrates at home without all of the added equipment necessary for some other presses,

Featuring a digital temperature gauge allowing you maximum control between flavor and yield, the RosinBomb Rocket continues to be an incredible device to offer in markets where concentrates aren’t easily available but flower is abundant and in markets where quality is a need but price of store bought product is a concern.

To Learn More About Rosinbomb Rocket By RosinBomb, Click Here


Best Giftable Product

BirthJays by Higher Celebrations

The product may be called BirthJays, but don’t let the name fool you because these novelty candle joint papers are absolutely amazing all year round. They come in packs of 5, and while you’ll obviously have to supply your own material to pack them with, we can guarantee these will bring a spark of joy into any celebration.

If you are in the Los Angeles area this 4/20, or for up to a year following 4/20, you can get a BirthJay with your order of DKs Doughnuts and a discount to boot!. During these dates while supplies last, donut lovers can use the code “LIT” to get a free Birthjay and a 10 percent discount on donuts.

To Learn More About BirthJays By Higher Celebrations, Click Here

Best Unique Novelty Item

Hands-Free Smoker by RAW

The Hands-Free Smoker was introduced into the world via an Instagram post which saw stock immediately sell out and the reason is obvious. It’s one of most unique products you’ll ever come across. As its name implies, it’s meant to allow you to do whatever you want (they did a promotional video with people gaming, biking, skating) while smoking a joint hands free.

The product hasn’t been back in stock since it sold out after launching, but we sure hope that it does soon lol.

To Learn More About The RAW Hands-Free Smoker, Click Here


After a year of being locked down it’s great for people to be back in the spirit of grabbing some cannabis and socially partaking (no sharing!). We hope everyone has a safe, happy, and profitable 4/20 tomorrow and stay tuned as we cover more of the top products in the cannabis industry here on Marijuana Retail Report!

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