New Hampshire Senate Rejects 2 Marijuana Legalization Bills

New Hampshire legalized medical marijuana in 2013

The New Hampshire Senate on Thursday rejected two marijuana legalization bills, one that would’ve created a state-run monopoly for retail sales and another more modest plan to allow small-scale personal use and home cultivation of the drug.

Both bills previously passed the House, but the Senate once again stood as a roadblock, ensuring New Hampshire for now will remain a holdout surrounded by states that have approved recreational legalization. But opponents said the fact that marijuana is legal in Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts meant nothing to them.

“I’m not ashamed of that, I’m proud of that,” said Sen. Bob Giuda, R-Warren.

He and other opponents said they were concerned that legalizing marijuana would lead to increases in teen marijuana use and traffic fatalities. And they rejected arguments that polling has shown that most adults in the state support legalization.

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