New York Cannabis Companies Sidestep Flower Ban With Ground Flower Refills

Smoking medical marijuana is prohibited by the Compassionate Care Act

Flower is forbidden in New York, even for patients in the state’s medical cannabis program.

Except that it isn’t. Flower is legally available to New Yorkers with medical cards, so long as it’s ground up, ostensibly for vaping. But a bowl or a blunt will work just as well.

When New York started its medical program in 2014, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared that smoking is bad for you. New Yorkers with medical marijuana cards are allowed to vape and to take tinctures, capsules, and chewables, but the Department of Health does not allow unprocessed flower. 

“Smoking medical marijuana is prohibited by the Compassionate Care Act,” said Jill Montag, public information officer for the New York DOH, referring to the medical cannabis law.  “Metered ground plant preparations for vaporization are the only approved route of administration for flower.” 

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