New York Regulators Expedite Lab Testing

These rules will guide the labs that will test the inaugural batch of cannabis

Next in the ramp up to the launch of New York’s adult use cannabis industry are emergency lab rules. 

On Monday, the state’s Cannabis Control Board, within the Office of Cannabis Management, approved a resolution on these emergency rules that will permit cannabis labs to “address the immediate need to allow for the lengthy lead times required” to expand testing and to “protect the integrity” of cannabis flower and products for the adult use and medical markets. 

While the Board filed draft lab testing regulations in June for public comment, the emergency rules provide a short-term bridge that allows product testing to move forward as regulators finalize lab regulations.

These emergency rules will guide the labs that will test the inaugural batch of cannabis sold — which regulators say will be before the start of 2023, though there are no details on the timing of first sales. 

“We need a set of rules in place to guide testing of products that will be produced by our conditional cultivator and processor licensees in order to ensure the safety and quality of products that will be sold in our first adult use dispensaries,” Tremaine Wright, chair of the Board, said on Monday. 

The Board released applications for entities that want to apply for either the laboratory or sampling firm licenses. 

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