Vermont Lawmakers Set To Tweak Cannabis Marketplace Law

Governor Phil Scott let marijuana sales become law last year

The Vermont Legislature is looking to tweak elements of its signature tax and regulate cannabis law passed last year. As Calvin Cutler reports, before the law kicks in next year, advocates are pushing for more changes aimed at agricultural and racial equity.

Governor Phil Scott let marijuana sales become law without his signature last year, saying the bill needed more work in the areas of education, prevention, and racial justice. Since then, the state has been slow to set up the system, with the governor still needing to appoint members of a cannabis control board.

Lawmakers chalk it up to the pandemic and the slow pace of the virtual Statehouse. “It’s kind of frustrating but it’s understandable,” said Sen. Joe Benning, R-Caledonia County, “we’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.”

The new bill would add low-interest loans for marginalized communities to set up shops and clarification on towns being able to opt-in for retail sales.

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