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Wholesale Cannabis Price Index For The Week Ending On May 7th, 2021

Prices are up in the US on this weeks Price Index by Cannabis Benchmarks

Cannabis Benchmarks®, a division of New Leaf Data Services, is a leading provider of financial, business and industry data for the North American cannabis markets, offering comprehensive and unique benchmark services for public and private organizations, and financial institutions.

Visit Cannabis Benchmarks on the web or read the free Cannabis Benchmarks Weekly Report here.

Wholesale market details for each state including price indices by cultivation method, detailed analysis, and commentary on the drivers of price change are available in the Cannabis Benchmarks Premium Report.

Cannabis Benchmarks® US Market Prices – All Indexes Are By Weighted Averages

May 7th ($/lb)

April 30th ($/lb) $ Change % Change
US Spot Index $1,565.00 $1,554.00 $11.00   0.7%
US Indoor $1,988.00 $1,963.00 $25.00   1.2%
US Greenhouse $1,367.00 $1,341.00 $26.00   1.9%
US Outdoor $881.00 $871.00 $10.00   1.1%
US Medical $1,619.00 $1,613.00 $6.00   0.3%
US Adult-Use


$1,526.00 $14.00   0.9%

Cannabis Benchmarks® Canadian Market Prices – All Indexes Are By Weighted Averages

CommodityC$ Per GramC$ Per US$US
% Change
March 19th$5.86$1.25$2,132.000.3%
March 26th$5.82$1.26$2,101.000.8%
March 2nd$5.77$1.26$2,079.000.8%
April 9th$5.73$1.26$2,067.000.7%
April 16th$5.81$1.25$2,101.001.4%
April 23rd$5.75$1.25$2,083.001.0%
April 30th$5.77$1.24$2,114.000.8%
May 7th$5.77$1.24$2,114.000.8%

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