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Considering Delivery Options For Cannabis Dispensaries And Retailers

Whether you’re ordering pizza, Chinese, or Indian food, there’s nothing better than that knock on the door when your food delivery person arrives — you get all the benefits of restaurant food without ever having to leave your home. Naturally, some entrepreneurs in the U.S. have adapted this unique service to the cannabis space.

The business of cannabis delivery

In California, there are more than 100 cannabis delivery services, but they don’t cover the entire state — there are a number of areas where these deliveries are strictly banned, and still more where they aren’t allowed to use public roads to deliver cannabis to their customers.

These delivery options aren’t being created for entirely altruistic reasons. Not only is it good for customers who might not be able to visit their local dispensary, it’s good for the businesses too. Interacting with customers one-on-one in their homes provides a unique opportunity for these delivery drivers to increase sales, inform customers of promotions, and most importantly — build a relationship between business and customer.

It’s similar, in a way, to the relationship that develops between a business owner and their vendors. Seeing the same vendor frequently enables these businesses to create a relationship with them. You’re generally more likely to ask for a favor from someone you know and trust than you would from someone you just met — like if you needed a specific product delivered on a particular day or time, or something like that.

Even in states like New York, where the plant hasn’t yet been legalized for recreational use and the state’s medical cannabis regulations are notably strict, industry operators and patients are still utilizing delivery services to facilitate the state’s medical marijuana program.


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