Grow Limits For Marijuana Caregivers Would Be Reduced Under Michigan Legislation

A package of bipartisan bills were unveiled on Tuesday

The first shots were fired Tuesday in a long-brewing policy war surrounding the Michigan marijuana industry. Some Michigan marijuana companies and politicians hope to drastically limit the amount of marijuana that loosely regulated medical cannabis caregivers may legally grow.

A package of bipartisan bills unveiled Tuesday, Sept. 14, would reduce the number of patients allowed per caregiver from five to one, beginning March 21, 2022.

With a 12-plant-per-patient limit, this would scale down the maximum amount a caregiver could grow at one time from 60 to 12 plants, with an additional 12 for personal use; and the current harvested marijuana limits they could keep on hand would dip from 15 ounces to five.

The proposed laws were introduced a day before supporters of marijuana caregivers plan to march at the Capitol in Lansing. For months, caregivers have been expecting this battle with large cannabis businesses that argue caregivers are responsible for the state’s enormous black market.

Marijuana pioneers argue legitimate caregivers aren’t to blame, but rather operators using the moniker to cover questionable activity.

The proposed legislation includes House bills 5300, H.B. 5301 and H.B. 5302.

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