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How Cannabis Brands Are Preparing For A Christmas Green Rush

Strategies for year-end holidays follow a record-shattering Green Wednesday

Green Wednesday, a nascent holiday in the cannabis universe, came out with buds blazing in 2020, showing triple-digit sales spikes around the country on Nov. 25 and setting the weed industry up for a holly, jolly year-end.

Statistics from that long weekend are fairly eye-popping, with cannabis tech company Akerna estimating that consumers spent $238 million on flower, tinctures, edibles and infused drinks during those four days, with Green Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, becoming the single biggest sales day of the year so far.

The recent rush (see sidebar for data) follows a record-breaking year where the industry was declared an essential business during the Covid-19 pandemic and five new states voted to legalize weed for medical and recreational sales. 

Given the tailwinds, and the learnings from Thanksgiving, cannabis execs are heading into Christmas and New Year’s Eve in full throttle mode, bulking up their digital and e-commerce presence, targeting the cannacurious and other “addressable audiences” like soccer moms and older folks, focusing on wellness messages and creating first-time gift cards and goodie bundles.

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