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MRR’s Guide For The Top Trending Accessories – Holiday 2020

Our Trending Fall / Winter 2020 guide continues with accessories

It’s the time of the year when making sure you have your shelves stocked with the top products is going to help make you round the corner into a very happy new year. We want to preface this article by saying we were neither compensated in any way or given any type of incentive by any of the companies listed to include any product you might find below. The opinions of these picks are simply an opinion and we do not get any affiliate commissions for anything you may purchase by clicking through from any of the links below. We simply link product for ease of finding it should you want to contact the company about more information. You do not have to mention you found the product via this website or list, we just honestly hope you find something you really enjoy this holiday for your customers.

Well now that we’ve gotten through the rant, come along as we take a look at the top trending products in our 3-part journey. First we started with California’s Top Trending Cannabis Products in the cannabis industry. Now, we’ll look at the accessories blazing trails nationwide which will be broken broken by Grinders, Rigs, Pipes, Bongs, Vaporizers, Infusion / Decarboxylation / Extraction, Papers, E-Nails, Others, and even give you our Most Innovative Product of 2020 and Most Unique Product of 2020 awards! Don’t forget to stay tuned next week as we’ll take a look at latest CBD / Hemp / Delta-8products that have been taking off.

Without further delay let’s dive right in with Part 2!

Part 2: Trending National Cannabis Accessories

Special Edition Tectonic9 by Saucey x Cloudious9

The Tectonic9 by Cloudious9 is one of the more innovative grinders i’ve come across when it comes to solving the problem of how to most efficiently fill cones. Simply grind your flowers, slide out the dispensing gate, flip up the spout, tilt it, line it up with your cone with the spout and turn it on. Within no time at all your cone is completely filled without having to ever touch your product with your bare hands. This Saucey edition of the Tectonic 9 brings the signature red that pops with an accent white Saucey logo on the top. Definitely a must have stocking stuffer for holiday 2020.

To Learn More About Special Edition Tectonic9 by Saucey x Cloudious9, Click Here

4-Piece 2 3/4ths by Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Shredder is a legendary grinder company and for good reason, their product always delivers. The 4-piece 2-3/4ths Large size grinder by Santa Cruz Shredder is solid medical grade aluminum with revolutionary teeth milling which offers you a maximum grind while putting in minimal effort. This beast will literally grind your entire stash in no time at all, that is if you are trying to fill the RAW Challenge Joint. The Santa Cruz Shredder 4-Piece 2/3ths Large is made in the USA and is sure to please the cannabis aficionado in your heart.

To Learn More About 4-Piece 2-3/4ths Large by Santa Cruz Shredder, Click Here

Multi Chamber Grinder by Kannastör

Kannastör’s Multi-Chamber Grinder is one of those grinders that has that incredible feel that lets you know this grinder will last you a lifetime. That fact is made even more evident when coupled with the lifetime warranty provided by the company. Made from 60/61 hardened aluminum it has been treated to eliminate the possibility of impurities.

If you are looking for a quality grinder that you’ll never have to worry about replacing, look no further.

To Learn More About the Multi Chamber Grinder by Kannastör, Click Here

Large Black Titanium 4-Piece by Space Case

Space Case is a name that when you hear it, you know quality grinders. Their Large Black Titanium 4-Piece is a literal beast when unsheathed against any flower you put in its way. When I say beast, I absolutely mean beast. This grinder comes with a literal warning on the website saying most people find this grinder too much for them and they aren’t saying that to be boastful. This particular grinder is half the height of a 12 oz can and bigger in diameter.

Milled using aircraft grade aluminum, Space Case spares no expense in it’s design, and it shows. It’s Neodymium magnets provide a locking mechanism pretty unmatched in the grinder world, and it’s diamond tooth design boasts one of the fastest shred and dump rates when it comes to material separation. While being a premium product, it’s backed with a premium warranty for the life of the grinder.

To Learn More About The Large Black Titanium 4-Piece by Space Case, Click Here

Dab Rigs
Peak Pro by Puffco

The gang at Puffco have honestly outdone themselves with the brand new Puffco Peak Pro. While the design has remained largely similar to it’s predecessor, it’s internals have been completely rethought from the ground up. By adding bluetooth capability, the Peak Pro now can to connect to your smart device via the new Peak Pro app which lets you control pretty much every aspect of your device including it’s LED if you are feeling festive.

They’ve also added wireless charging via the Power Dock, (which also incidentally doubles as as a to-go charging station for your Peak Pro) so no more fussing with wires in-between sessions. One of the largest improvements appears to be with the heating element which now delivers a consistent heat throughout the session no matter how much you load.

Definitely stock up on this for your customers before the holiday rush arrives as this will be one of the top accessory gifts of the entire Holiday season.

To Learn More About the Peak Pro by Puffco, Click Here

Boost EVO by Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber is one of those companies that when they release a product, you know it’s going to be good. While the Dr. Dabber Switch has been one of the hottest vaporizers on the market for the past year and a half, their newest entry, the Boost EVO, seems prime to take the portable vaporizer championship belt from it’s bigger and more bulky brother. With an incredibly powerful hit stemming from a redesigned heating element and internal control system, the Boost EVO promises a perfect hit every time. A promise it delivers in spades on.

As of the time of this writing the Boost EVO Black Eclipse is on backorder, a definitive sign that this device is in high demand for the holiday shopping season. Make sure to either lock in your backorder today and secure your place in the queue, or order the Moon White edition for your shelf.

To Learn More About the Boost EVO by Dr. Dabber, Click Here

CARTA – Laser Edition by Focus V

The CARTA Laser Edition by Focus V is the same powerhouse hit you remember from the original CARTA but with a few awesome twists, beyond the awesome new color obviously. But the new design also incorporates LED’s into the base in order to really add to the aesthetic and help the two-toned glass bubble tops really pop.

As a smart rig, the Focus V CARTA Laser Edition also includes Bluetooth functionality intended to work with the CARTA App. This app unlocks the full potential of the rig by allowing you the ability to tone your desired temp down to the degree.

The CARTA was already a heavy hitter by itself, but this Laser Edition literally put it on another level. Make sure to get this before it sells out.

To Learn More About CARTA Laser Edition by Focus V, Click Here

Visa Mini 2 by XVape

The folks at XVape have been making quality vaporizers for some years now, but when they debuted their Vista Mini 2 at CHAMPS Trade Shows in Las Vegas earlier this year, we were blown away by the powerful hits and incredible redesign in the mouthpiece from the original Vista Mini. Don’t let it’s size fool you, this thing packs an absolute wallop if you aren’t ready for it. The ability to session the device is another feature that completely takes the cake and is a staple of XVape rigs.

Honestly, if you are looking for a powerful and quality digital rig that is about half of the price of everything else on this list then look no further than the Vista Mini 2.

To Learn More About Vista Mini 2 by XVape, Click Here

Smoked Glass Bubbler by Marley Natural

Marley Natural, the New York based cannabis brand developed in conjunction with the Marley estate, has come out with several accessories that really nail the look and feel of premium accessories. This Smoked Glass Bubbler by Marley Natural really accents their efforts in their accessories line.

Featuring a massive bowl, and beautiful gold accented emblems, this piece would look fantastic just by itself on a shelf as art just as much as it works fantastic as an incredibly powerful hitting bubbler.

To Learn More About Smoked Glass Bubbler by Marley Natural, Click Here

Glass Taster by High Society

The Higher Standard is known for connoisseur quality accessories, and this Glass Taster chillum accents that. Meant for those who only want a small amount to sample with, this gem is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functionally sound. Made with medical-grade borosilicate, this one-hitter is for sure going to be an easy choice as a stocking stuffer this holiday season.

To Learn More About Glass Taster by High Society, Click Here

Classic Spoon x Last Prisoner Project by GRAV

Legendary glassworks company GRAV has partnered up with the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization that helps non-violent cannabis prisoners in a variety of ways, to spruce up its Classic Spoon with the LPP logo on the front of the bowl.

While this limited edition hand pipe is in and of itself a no-brainer as a stocking stuffer, this particular bowl holds special meaning as 100% of all proceeds will be donated to the Last Prisoner Project to help them in their mission. Honestly, it’s not every day you can help a great cause and get an incredible product at the same time. Make sure to get a couple and pass around the love.

To Learn More About Classic Spoon x Last Prisoner Project by GRAV, Click Here

K.Haring Water Pipe by Higher Standards

Pop culture artist Keith Haring made a name for himself in the US for incredible expressionism, and his work lives on through the number of artwork adaptations. This series of beakers featuring 4 of Keith’s incredible designs is guaranteed to spark interest from even the most casual observer.

It’s not just art however, this pipe came to play with a 7-slit showerhead style percolator and a thick, wide base giving you a quality experience you’re not soon to forget.

To Learn More About K.Haring Water Pipe by Higher Standards, Click Here

12 Kink by Zong

Zong is a legendary glass company, and by legendary I mean any aficionado worth their title should be able to identify a Zong piece just by its unique shape. Zong’s incredible 12 Kink is the absolute largest piece they offer in terms of number of kinks in it’s shape. Featuring 5 lbs of glass, this US blown glass piece is a party bong that is sure to stun your friends.

To Learn More About 12 Kink by Zong, Click Here

Sandblasted Beaker 5mm Floral by RooR

While they say art is subjective, when you first see the 5mm Floral Sandblasted Beaker by legendary German glasswork company RooR you will agree that there is a universal consensus that this is true art. With each downstem being hand measured and cut, and each sandblasted design being without equal in terms of sheer brilliance, this beaker highlights the pinnacle of where art meets functionality.

While this is priced as a premium product, it’s easy to see why. Make sure to pick up one of these for your store and you’ll see people crowd around just to take a look.

To Learn More About Sandblasted Beaker 5mm Floral by RooR, Click Here

Gold Classic 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Volcano by Storz & Bickel

Storz and Bickel is one of the few companies in the cannabis industry that has a product that is pretty much interchangeable with desktop vaping. The Volcano has literally dominated the industry since hitting the scene in 2000 and has become the stuff of legends. The company has even had it’s chronology detailed in a Leafly expose (no, seriously check it out). Because of the Volcano’s popularity, this limited edition Gold 20th Anniversary package is the gold star of that companies crowning achievement 20 years ago. Keep in mind this is the classic version with a dial as opposed to the digital edition with a digital temp gauge.

To Learn More About Gold Classic 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Volcano by Storz & Bickel, Click Here

PAX 3 by PAX

The year is 2012 and the PAX 1 has just dropped, changing the world of handheld flower vaporizers forever. PAX Labs has come a long way from the days while they were still known as Ploom and the PAX 3 is an incredible leap forward and even includes a concentrate insert allowing you to be able to consume whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want.

Want even more control over the PAX 3? The mobile app allows you to even dial in your desired mode. Standard, Stealth, Boost, Flavor, or Efficiency in order to get the most our of your cannabis.

To Learn More About PAX 3 by PAX, Click Here

Solo II by Arizer

Arizer is honestly one of the best handheld flower vaporizers i’ve ever used. Featuring a two-piece system that allows you to swap pre-packedmouth pieces at a moments notice, the Arizer Solo II keeps you going for session after session without having to re-pack each use. Want to be precise with your sessions? Featuring a digital temp control, the Solo II allows you to customize your experience to the individual degree, and the ceramic element has a ridiculously fast heat up time so you can take a hit the moment the feeling hits you. Battery dead? No worries at all. The Solo II also offers the ability for you to use it even while it’s charging. Zero downtime!

To Learn More About Solo II by Arizer, Click Here

IQ by DaVinci

Having been released in 2016, the IQ by DaVinci is the oldest vaporizer on this list, but 4 years later the IQ is still one of the top rated vaporizers on the market today and for good reason. Featuring an innovative design and an incredibly powerful battery that gives you over an hour of use per session, the IQ still looks like a device from the future with its 51 light LED display.

If you are looking to stock a winner in your store that is sure to make your customers happy for years (it comes with a 10 year warranty), make sure to check out the IQ.

To Learn More About IQ by DaVinci, Click Here

Infusion / Decarboxylation / Extraction
FX by Ardent

When you think “This thing does everything” it’s usually used as a catch-all and not as a matter of fact. But in this instance? The FX by Ardent literally does do everything and for that it takes takes our ‘Most Innovative Product of 2020’ award. Giving you the ability to make any product at home via the devices ability to decarb, infuse, bake, and melt… all within an enclosed device that comes with it’s own beautiful carrying case.

One of the biggest problems with people making their own products is the mess and lack of ability to both decarb and then infuse cannabis into food properly. The Ardent FX is a quality device from the top down, and it is virtually fool-proof if you follow the instructions provided. Dubbed on it’s website as the ‘Easy Bake Ardent’, it literally makes you feel like a world class canna-expert. It’s also perfect for those looking for discretion, as most home based canna-infuse enthusiasts can tell you, cooking with cannabis has a strong odor. That worry has been eliminated with the FX by Ardent. Last but not least? The Ardent FX is awesome as a standalone baking device without adding cannabis at all!

To Learn More About FX by Ardent, Click Here

RosinBomb Rocket by RosinBomb

The RosinBomb Rocket is the consumer edition rosin press by the awesome team over at RosinBomb. Delivering a crushing 1500 lbs of force without any air compression, the RosinBomb rocket was built as a true plug and play solution to the consumer looking to press their own concentrates at home. Featuring a digital temperature gauge allowing you maximum control between flavor and yield, the RosinBomb Rocket continues to be an incredible device to offer in markets where concentrates aren’t easily available but flower is abundant and in markets where quality is a need but price of store bought product is a concern.

To Learn More About Rosinbomb Rocket by RosinBomb, Click Here

GemStx Rosin Extractor by GemStx

Weighing less than 2 pounds by itself, the GemStx Rosin Extractor packs a punch with the ability to process 10+ grams of material per press. The GemStx difference is amazing in that it’s ability to process material in just minutes without having to use any parchment paper or sack in order to press.

If your customers are looking for a way to process their own concentrates on the go, this is the perfect option for them.

To Learn More About GemStx Rosin Extractor by GemStx, Click Here

Kings w’ Filter Tips by Futurola

Futurola is one of those companies that has built its reputation on delivering quality, and personally, these papers with the filter-tips are my absolute favorite to use. The filters are the perfect thickness for being malleable to whatever size joint you’d like to roll. Slow burning with no added flavors, these are an incredible option for your shelves.

To Learn More About Kings w’ Filter Tips by Futurola, Click Here

Organic Kings by RAW

RAW papers is a legendary paper company and their Organic Kings are in my opinion the pinnacle of their paper offerings. Dubbed as the worlds first organic rolling paper, the Raw Natural Organic Hemp Kings are unbleached and unmatched when it comes to flavor. Their founder, Josh Kesselman, is also one of the coolest figures in counter-culture with an impressive digital presence that is rare for founders of counter-culture companies that aren’t owned by celebrities. Make sure to check out this classic paper if its not already on your stock list.

To Learn More About Organic Kings by RAW, Click Here

Organic Hemp 1 1/4 by Zig-Zag

Zig-Zag is one of the oldest companies in counter-culture with a history of more than a century making incredible rolling papers. It’s most famous pack, the ‘Orange Pack’ Zig-Zag 1 1/4ths, is a given as a must have, but its often overlooked hemp line is a shining star when it comes to organic papers. If you don’t have any hemp papers on your shelf, definitely pick these up to round out your offerings.

To Learn More About Organic Hemp 1 1/4 by Zig-Zag, Click Here

Pops Crystals by Garcia y Vega

Everyone has an obsession with Backwoods right now, which I guess is okay for the average smoker hitting the scene today. But for the OG connoisseur, Garcia y Vega is the original green leaf wrap company. Their Crystal Pops line comes in a self contained glass beaker with cork top providing an incredible personal experience. They come in boxes of 50.

No Link To Company Available

King Size 109/26 Blunt Cones by Futurola

Futurola’s King Size Blunt Cones are so incredibly smooth you won’t believe you are smoking a blunt. Well, that’s because you technically aren’t as Futurola’s paper is both nicotine-free and tobacco-free allowing you to use these in social use lounges where available. Best part? These are compatible with Futurola’s Knockbox allowing you to prefill your own house blunts where available both quickly and effortlessly. Make sure to give them a try.

To Learn More About King Size 109/26 Blunt Cones by Futurola, Click Here

Natural Wraps by High Hemp Wraps

Featuring sustainably grown European hemp imported directly from the Netherlands, High Hemp Wraps dubs themselves as the first ever herbal hemp wrap and they have led the ever growing movement of hemp wraps ever since landing on the shelves. While they now offer flavored hemp wraps to accent their original line, to me their Natural Wraps will always be the best. Make sure to get some for your customers today.

To Learn More About Natural Wraps by High Hemp Wraps, Click Here

Quartz Hybrid DeepDish Kit by MiniNail

MiniNail is one of the most prominent names in the dab rig game and for good reason, their product is powerful and comes in a tiny package. Their Quartz Hybrid DeepDish kit is a solid go-to for anyone looking for a complete starter kit when switching to an eNail setup. Featuring a digital temp gauge to really set your flavor to high profile, this is the best enail in my opinion to get your customers started.

To Learn More About Quartz Hybrid DeepDish Complete eNail Kit by MiniNail, Click Here

Axial Mini eNail Kit by Pulsar

Pulsar is a leading company in MULTIPLE categories and their Pulsar Axial Mini eNail is in my opinion the highlight of their eNail offerings. Featuring a 4-FOOT heating coil cord and a 5-FOOT power cord, you can do some pretty interesting desk setups during the work-from-home offices we’ve come to love during the pandemic. Offering a range up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, this 22mm nail kit is an excellent addition to your eNail lineup.

To Learn More About Axial Mini eNail Kit by Pulsar, Click Here


BOSS Titanium is one of those eNail companies that when you see their products you think, man that’s stylish. Their BLACKxBLACK micro-controller is more than just stylish with a ridiculously powerful punch all contained in a tiny package. Sleekly designed and less than an inch thick, this is one of the few eNails i’ve seen with rubber footings to prevent slippage. BOSS Titanium has pulled all the punches out for this upgrade from their larger unit by moving the on/off button to the front from the top and upgrading the sheath coil. Make sure to check them out.

To Learn More About BOSS Micro BLACKxBLACK by BOSS Titanium, Click Here

Other Accessories
Hands Free Smoker by RAW

The Hands Free Smoker was introduced into the world via an Instagram post which saw stock immediately sell out. To this day getting one is near impossible, but we had to include it in this list as the most unique product drop of 2020. Honestly, this is taking smoking to a whole new level when you have things to do with your hands like skateboard or play video games.

While you can’t get one right now without paying a ridiculous resale value, stay tuned and hope you can get one if and when they restock shelves nationwide.

To Learn More About Hands Free Smoker by RAW, Click Here

K.Haring Angel Catch All by Higher Standards

When you look for an ashtray you could go the boring route of the basic ‘Bar Style’ cigarette holding ashtray, or you could get yourself a piece of crystal glass art to really accent your consumption space with a catch all you’ll WANT to keep sparkling clean. The K.Haring Angel Catch All is one of 3 catch all designs you can choose from in the collection, and each are just as cool as the next.

To Learn More About K.Haring Angel Catch All by Higher Standards, Click Here

Half Shell Premium Jar by Dope Turtle

If you are looking for a fancy jar, there are plenty of custom glass options on the market. If you are looking for a functional jar, look no further than Dope Turtle. The Dope Turtle Half Shell Premium Jar feels literally indestructible and this particular edition from Dope Turtle is beefy with the ability to hold a half an oz. This jar comes with a 100% like or return it policy. Enjoy with confidence!

To Learn More About Half Shell Premium Jar by Dope Turtle, Click Here





Don’t forget we’re also releasing the top CBD / Hemp / Delta-8 as well as all of the other cannabinoids that have been taking off next week.

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