Pacific Stone To New Highly Potent Products For Cannabis Connoisseurs With THCa Diamonds

Each pack comes with 7 hand-rolled Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls

 Pacific Stone, a premier seed to sale company producing 6.5 percent of the licensed California market’s cannabis flower, has announced the launch of new Diamond infused Pre-Rolls, premium products that appeal to seasoned cannabis aficionados.

The brand’s latest offerings, based on the top-selling Pacific Stone premium signature strains, are infused with highly potent THCa Diamonds, the coveted crystalline structures that form in sauce, a cannabis concentrate with a heavy dose of terpenes. Each product pack comes with 7, individually hand-rolled premium flower Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls that burn smooth and deliver an amazingly consistent experience. Ideal for sharing with friends or journeying on your own any time of day or night.

“We’re excited to announce our latest line of products that are some of our most sophisticated and refined cannabis experiences to date,” said Pacific Stone CEO Skip Motsenbocker. “The new Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls offer a new twist to our award-winning dense buds and we look forward to continuing our proud tradition of quality, consistency and value with our greenhouse grown, all premium flower pre-rolls – now with an extra pop of diamonds.”

Pacific Stone’s has new Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls that are available in dispensaries across California including:

  • Wedding Cake Indica: Based on the top selling flower in California, the new diamond infused Wedding Cake Indica features a frosty and decadent taste with dense buds for the ultimate couchlock. Designed to provide effects of relaxation, happiness and euphoria.
  • 805 Glue Hybrid: A new take on the #3 selling flower in California, the 805 Glue Hybrid diamond infused line provides a strong, earthy strain that’s a fit for any occasion.
  • Blue Dream Sativa: A Classic California sativa that excites and uplifts, the new diamond infused Blue Dream Sativa is based on the #2 selling flower in California.

Founded in 2015, Pacific Stone is a single-source, family owned-and-operated entirely greenhouse grown  cannabis operation that oversees their sustainably cultivated flower from seed to sale.  One of the few brands that truly grows all of the flower they sell to packaging the pre-roll that you purchase and everything in between.  In November 2021, Pacific Stone was recognized in the Top Selling Flower, Top Selling Pre-Roll, & Fastest Growing Pre-Roll categories in the fourth annual LeafLink List. Their greenhouse-grown flower epitomizes consistency, quality and value. Pacific Stone has also ranked six of the top 12 strains on WeedMaps for the past year.

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About Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone was founded in 2015 as a labor of love by friends and family from Santa Barbara County who were passionate about growing clean, consistent and affordable cannabis for California.

We’re cannabis cultivators and sixth-generation Dutch greenhouse growers who built the coastal indoor greenhouses we cultivate in. We only sell what our team grows, cures and packs to bring you farm-direct cannabis at the best price, year-round: Single Source. Family owned and operated. Indoor-greenhouse cannabis. California’s best-selling flower. Connect on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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